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Sell at home


Video estimate

1) Contact our office and arrange an appointment with your agent
2) At the agreed time, show the agent your property via videocall, describing it in full detail
3) The agent will ask you a series of questions to help draw up a valid estimate

4) We will take care of obtaining the land registry surveys and the plan of your property
5) The agent will provide you with a realistic estimate as soon as possible, again by videocall, carrying out a comparative analysis of the market and showing you the data used to define the value
6) If we agree on the sales strategy you can engage our services with a simple procedure and digital signature online

Video mandate

1) After receiving our estimate, make a videocall appointment with your agent
2) Fill in the mandate for the sale of your property together with your agent
3) Sign the sales mandate with a simple digital signature procedure
4) Your property will be offered to our entire client portfolio, published on our website and the other leading property websites, and via all our means of communication
5) Depending on your needs, we will jointly decide how to manage video appointments with clients, limiting visits in person as much as possible