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A department specialised in the same of properties for office, industrial and commercial use.


As all entrepreneurs knows, every industrial building has lived many lives, marked by ongoing structural changes and preserved in the projects of the people who put their body and soul into them. It takes the right intermediary to transform that legacy into a new entrepreneurial story. Chiusano Industry is the department dedicated to the sale of office buildings for industrial and commercial use, to help you sell and rent your property. The key to our success can be summed up in just two words: action and relationships, because, in the industrial sector, no sales transaction can be effective without an adequate commercial relationship. With a view to this. Chiusano Industry supports leading industrial groups and actively participates in the associative life of Turin's industrial organisations. It is also present on the main international portals, which always showcase the world’s finest business opportunities. In short, choosing Chiusano Industry means deploying the confidence and commercial strength of a leading player on the local and global industrial scene.




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