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Buy by staying at home


Video Appointment

1) Contact our office and arrange the date and time of your video appointment
2) You will RECEIVE THE VIDEOCALL from your agent at the time arranged, via Whatsapp or your preferred app
3) You can take a guided tour of the property by videocall with your agent who will:
  • show you all the details of the property
  • give you all the information you need
  • answer all your questions


Video proposal and Video preliminar sales agreement

Both the purchase proposal and the preliminary agreement will be managed online by video call.

1) Make an appointment with your agent by video call
2) Fill in the purchase proposal, complete with all the necessary details, together with your agent
3) Sign your purchase proposal with a simple digital signature procedure

1) Video conference between the buyer and the seller to read out the preliminary sales agreement
2) Digital signing of the preliminary agreement by both parties via verified procedure
3) Real-time payment of all the sums agreed to by bank transfer